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My new Mac

I'd been looking for a new laptop for a while, my current one was starting to show it's age. The battery didn't even last an hour and the fan inlet was on the bottom so you couldn't put it on the bed and watch a film, something I've started doing a lot more lately as I have been travelling more for work. These issues were being thrown into sharper focus in comparison to my partner's MacBook that has none of these problems despite the abuse it receives.

Whilst looking for a new laptop I kept comparing them to my partner's MacBook, they would all come up short with one or two issues Whether it was poor positioning of the fan inlet/outlet or a fiddly keyboard or just looking ugly - a very important consideration for a laptop - they all just seemed like poor copies.

Eventually I realised if I was constantly comparing everything to a Mac, maybe I should just get a Mac. To this end I recently bought a new MacBook Pro. It's a lovely machine with all the qualities that are commonly associated with Apple hardware - well thought out, excellent build quality and innovative solutions to annoying problems.

Up to now I run Linux on all my machines, so as well as a change of hardware this was a change of software as well. Since I migrated from Windows to Linux many years ago and had the pain of having to migrate sometimes stubborn applications to Linux I have been as careful as possible (sometimes you just can't do it) to use applications that preferably are cross platform, or at the very least keep data in open and cross platform formats. This made the job of migrating my data somewhat easier.

I'll be blogging about how I find life with my new Mac and OSX. How the transition from Linux to OSX goes and how I get around the problems I find.